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Copyright 2019 © Haut Comité Juridique de la Place Financière de Paris

Copyright 2019 © Haut Comité Juridique de la Place Financière de Paris

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Haut Comité Juridique

de la Place Financière de Paris


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Created at the Joint instigation of the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and of the French Central Bank, the Legal High Committee for Financial Markets of Paris (HCJP) conducts and releases legal analysis in full independence. The HCJP is composed of lawyers, academics and other qualified individuals.





  • suggest draft reforms in view of promoting the legal competitiveness of the Paris Financial Center


  • help and support the public authorities during the negotiations of the European and international financial regulation


  • increase legal certainty through supplying answers to legal questioning regarding all the financial stakeholders, both public and private. 


Public authorities devoted to the regulation and supervision of the Paris Financial Center take part in all the meetings of the HCJP.


The Committee is chaired by one of its members, currently Gérard RAMEIX, former Judge at the Cour des Comptes, President of the AMF.


In order to prepare the work of the HCJP, the Chairman requests one or more members, or one or more correspondents, to examine the issues on the agenda, and to produce either a report or an opinion; this document will then be reviewed by the HCJP and published with its agreement.


A permanent team headed by General Secretary, takes over the organization and conduct of the workshops.


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Legal aspects of benchmark reform

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Recommandations on the establishment in Paris of specialized courtrooms for the handling of international business litigation

03/02/15  CO01A - Press Release   ➡ Download

First meeting of the Haut Comité Juridique de la Place Financière - HCJP (Legal High Advisory Committee for Financial Markets) of Paris, created by the AMF - Autorité des Marchés Financiers - (Financial Services Authority) and the Banque de France (Bank of France)